3rd International Conference on Animal Health Surveillance Sunday, 30 April 2017


The theme of ICAHS3: 'Beyond animal health surveillance'

As with the previous conferences, ICAHS3 will focus on the interfaces between the science, policy and applications of health surveillance.

We intend to further emphasize integration of surveillance in the animal, human and environmental health domains. This requires input from multiple disciplines, including risk perception and communication, economics, quantitative analysis and modelling, information technology, and social sciences. Examples of topics include the growing concerns about antimicrobial resistance in human and animal populations; new diagnostic technologies, which are opening up exciting prospects for surveillance, whether it's in public health, animal health or the ecosystem domain; or the advent of 'big data', data mining and warehousing.


The conference programme will run from Sunday 30 April to Thursday 4 May 2017, with a welcome function on Sunday 30 April and the scientific programme starting on Monday 1 May. Substantial time has been allocated for networking and social activities within this period.

Presentation formats include the following:

  • Three keynote presentations;
  • Approximately 46 oral presentations of 15 minutes + 5 minutes questions;
  • Poster presentations, including 'poster pitch' sessions to the audience;
  • A panel presentation, followed by discussion.

The final two days will have a strong One Health focus, and will be attractive not just for animal health professionals, but also for public health experts, policy-makers etc.

There will be one pre-conference and up to four post-conference workshops; please see the relevant section of the website for specific details.

Themes and topics

The ICAHS3 Scientific Committee has identified eight themes which are considered topical and of high current relevance. For each of these themes, specific topics which illustrate their coverage were also determined. See  here for details.

More information can be found on the conference website here