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Systems Thinking Basics - approaches, tools and techniques

Victoria University, Wellington

Synergia is keen for you to attend our next learning series event. The session is titled ‘System Thinking basics – approaches, tools and techniques’. This free event is being hosted on Tuesday 17th May 2022, 4:30pm - 6:30pm. It will be held in person at Victoria University, Wellington.

The session will be led by David Todd, Managing Partner at Synergia. David has over 20 years' experience applying systems thinking tools and techniques. The session will be a practical introduction to applying system thinking tools and techniques to explore issues, support problem solving and make better decisions. At the session David will cover a core set of tools that he has used for many years including, reference behaviour patterns, causal loop diagrams, stock and flow maps and many others.

You will walk away from the session having learnt how to use these tools and what it practically means to take a system thinking approach.

There are limited spaces; you can find out more and secure your spot here

David Todd is the Managing Partner of Synergia. He joined Synergia in 1999 and since then has worked across a wide range of health and social care environments. David has over 20 years' experience working across the public sector in New Zealand, the UK and Australia. Taking a systems thinking approach is core to David’s work.

This has meant that David has developed extensive experience using and applying a variety of systems thinking based tools and techniques. He has extensive experience in the theory of these tools and techniques but also experience in their practical application to diagnose and solve problems and ultimately support better decision making. David has strong analytic skills which he has used to undertake data collection, analysis and modelling of data sets to inform thinking and system design.





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