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The New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine (NZCPHM) was established as an incorporated society in 2008 to represent the medical specialty of public health medicine in New Zealand.  Its establishment ensured that public health needs unique to New Zealand were represented and acknowledged within the New Zealand context. 

The NZCPHM is responsible for the provision of public health training for doctors who have completed their medical degree and for the professional development of its Fellows. It supports its membership through ongoing engagement with associated health and social service organisations and public health professionals within New Zealand and internationally.

The NZCPHM holds responsibility for:

  • Setting training standards for public health medicine
  • Examination and assessment of candidates
  • Conferring Fellowship of the College
  • Administering a recertification programme for Public Health Medical Specialists in New Zealand
  • Acting as a Vocational Education and Advisory Body for the Medical Council of New Zealand.


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He Rautaki Māori - Māori Strategy

The College's He Rautaki Māori - Māori Strategy 2021-2025 Action Plan is available here.


Public Health Medicine Workforce Report 2019

In May 2019, the College produced a report on findings from its Public Health Medicine Workforce Survey. The final report from this work is available here.

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    The New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine is a membership based organisation. Operational aspects of the College are managed through the NZCPHM Office and supported by the College Council which is the governing body.


    The NZCPHM is an incorporated society, governed by the College Council. The Council is elected in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine Incorporated.

    Elected members of Council include:

    • The President, Dr Jim Miller
    • The President Elect, Assoc Prof Collin Tukuitonga
    • Two Māori Council Members, who are elected by the Māori Fellows, vacant
    • A Pasifika Council Member, who is elected by the Pacific Caucus, Dr Colin Tukuitonga
    • A Fellow who has been a member for less than four years, Dr Mariam Parwaiz

    The Council has four subcommittees:

    • Education and Training Committee
    • Finance and Risk Committee
    • Policy Committee
    • Registrar Committee

    The Council delegates responsibility for specific areas of business to the Chairs of four Committees, who are members of Council:

    • The Chair of the Education and Training Committee - Dr Rob Weir
    • The Chair of the Finance and Risk Committee - Dr Matthew Reid
    • The Chair of the Policy Committee - Dr Anna Stevenson
    • The Chair of the Registrar Committee, who is an Advanced Registrar - Dr Bronwen Chesterfield


    The administrative and professional functions of the College, including the Training Programme and the Tracking of Professional Standards (TOPS) programme, are managed through the NZCPHM Office.

    General Manager - Pam Watson

    Appointed by the Council, the General Manager is responsible for the operational management of the NZCPHM. The General Manager works closely with the President and members of the Council to ensure efficient and cost-effective delivery of quality services for the support and professional development of NZCPHM Fellows and Registrars.
    The General Manager is supported by:

    • Senior Executive Officer - Alison McKessar
    • Senior Executive Officer (Education) - Sarah Bell
    • Te Kaiārahi Rautaki Māori (Māori Strategy Project Lead) - George Ngatai
    • Accounts Officer - Janette Roberts

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    The origins of public health professional groups in New Zealand can be traced back to the New Zealand College of Community Medicine (NZCCM). The NZCCM represented a number of public health professionals, not exclusively public health physicians, and was the first training provider for public health medicine in New Zealand.

    Between 1992 and mid-2008, the specialty of public health medicine was represented in New Zealand by the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine (AFPHM), a faculty of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP).

    In 1999, the New Zealand Population Health Charitable Trust (NZPHCT) was established as a legal entity. The purpose of the NZPHCT was to administer and provide vocational training and professional development programmes in public health medicine for New Zealand, and was supported through the transfer of resources from the disestablished NZCCM.

    The New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine (NZCPHM) was established in 2008 to represent the specialty of public health medicine in New Zealand. The NZPHCT retained responsibility for delivering the vocational training and professional development programmes, with the NZCPHM providing public health medicine leadership, advocacy and member support. In November 2010 the decision was made by the NZCPHM Council and the NZPHCT Board to dissolve the NZPHCT and incorporate its functions into the NZCPHM. In December 2011 this process was completed and the NZPHCT dissolved.

    Guardians of the Nation's Health and Well-being (Available for Purchase)

    The History of Public Health Medicine Colleges in New Zealand, 1977-2018

    This publication documents the history of the College in its different guises over the past 40 years. With the ten-year celebration of the current College, this seemed an appropriate time to document this history. 

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    Postal Address

    PO Box 10233
    New Zealand 6143

    Street Address (for couriers)

    Level 7
    Davis Langdon House
    49 Boulcott Street
    New Zealand 6011

    Telephone: +64 4 472 9183
    Email: admin@nzcphm.org.nz