Public Health Registrar needed for Health Literacy Project Auckland


Public Health Registrar needed for Health Literacy Project

Systematic review evidence finds consistent association between low health literacy and poor health outcomes including: health-related knowledge and comprehension; ability to interpret health labels and messages, and to take medications as directed; increased hospitalisations and emergency care use; suboptimal use of preventive services resulting in delays in diagnoses (mammography screening and vaccinations), and among elderly people, poorer overall health status and higher mortality. Therefore improving clinical, community and population health responses to low health literacy has enormous potential to increase access to healthcare, improve health outcomes and advance health equity. Structural changes in the way primary healthcare is delivered may have important benefits for patients with low health literacy.


As part of ProCare's 2019-2014 Population Health Strategy, we wish  to employ a public health registrar to evaluate ProCare PHO and network as a 'health literate' organisation. This will include a system view with other health organisations and use the Ministry of Health review tool (including cultural competency, language barriers) and develop key recommendations e.g. consumer involvement, workforce, service delivery, communication, access and navigation by looking at:

  • What we are doing and what are the gaps
  • What resources and funding are required to improve health literacy successfully

For more information contact Sue Wells or view the ProCARE website.