IPENZ Transportation Group Conference Wednesday, 29 March 2017

2017 IPENZ


The IPENZ Transportation Group's annual conference is New Zealand's premier forum for the traffic engineering, road safety and transportation planning community.  The conference is intended to stimulate debate and problem-solving amongst peers within the transportation sector. Over the last few years well over 200 professionals attend this annual event. The conference has  has been running for more than 40 years with different regions in New Zealand taking turns of hosting it.

The 2017 IPENZ Transportation Group conference is back in Hamilton, the heart of the Waikato, after over a decade. 2017 brings you a diverse range of presenters including industrial, political and technological leaders; we aim to put delegates in touch with real issues and real world solutions as well as examining how we need to react to an ever changing transport market.

Safe Sustainable Future

The topic for this year's conference is "Safe Sustainable Future" which will encourage debate and papers in this area.

Safety is at the forefront of our industry and political agenda, so how are we doing? There are a number of challenges in the future that will require different and innovative approaches to maintain a downward trend in casualties and reduce risks to road users.  How will we manage the risks associated with emerging technologies and what do we need to be doing now to plan for that transition?

In relation to sustainable future the there is an endless possibility of interesting topics and questions that can be discussed. For example:

  • New Zealand is a nation constantly on the move and our continued hunger for transport mobility appears insatiable, but, how long can we keep doing this?
  • What happens when traditional fuels are exhausted or become unaffordable?
  • We are seeing new technologies creeping into our transport system but when will they become mainstream and will we be ready?

The 2017 Conference will examine these issues and look at ways we can respond through a programme filled with original presentation and lively debate.

Location: Distinction Hotel, Hamilton

Dates: 29-31 March 2017

More information can be found here