No Quality without Equity Wednesday, 8 November 2017



No Quality without Equity?

You are invited to a Grand Round with Dr Maria Poynter from HQSC on Wednesday 8 November 2017, 1200 - 1300 in the Ernest Davis Library at ADHB Grafton site.

Maria will present some of the Commission's recent work/thinking towards our new strategic priority of 'improving health equity'. Thanks to Andrew Old from ADHB for facilitating this opportunity.

This presentation will:

  • describe the strategic thinking, and operational initiatives, occurring within the HQSC relating to equity
  • outline national inter-agency equity work
  • explode the tension between quality improvement solutions and equity solutions: should we aim for 'one size fits all', or 'bespoke solutions'?
  • encourage dialogue about experiences and challenges relating to equity. 


Wednesday 8th November, 12-1pm

Ernest Davis Library, ADHB Grafton site

All welcome

For more information see flyer