2018 NZ Influenza Symposium Thursday, 8 February 2018

This one day meeting is for those interested in the application of scientific knowledge to influenza and influenza immunisation delivery in New Zealand. With highly regarded international and local speakers, it is an excellent opportunity to get an update on all things influenza-related and to share and review our programme approaches.

Research Professor  Lone Simonsen from the George Washington University will consider seasonal and pandemic flu from an international perspective, and Professor  Raina Macintyre from the University of New South Wales will focus on protecting vulnerable populations in healthcare settings.

After lunch we will focus on actions and learnings in the field from the 2017 NZ influenza season, how it went and what developments there will be for 2018.

The day will conclude with a diverse range of speakers covering ethics relating to healthcare worker influenza vaccination, pandemic preparedness and an historian's presentation of the 1918 NZ influenza pandemic, complete with many interesting photos

The draft programme can be viewed here.

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