Choosing Wisely - Choosing Equity: a focus on equity, sustainability & shared decision-making Friday, 1 May 2020


The forum, Choosing Wisely - Choosing Equity: a focus on equity, sustainability and shared decision-making is being held in Wellington on 1 May 2020.

This is an important opportunity to learn about Choosing Wisely and sustainability, equity and shared decision making; and to share your experiences and knowledge.

The Forum will have some exciting keynote speakers, including:
- Dr Kaveh Shojania (by video link) editor-in-chief of BMJ Quality and Safety talking on Choosing Wisely and sustainability of health care.
- Melissa Fox, chief executive of Health Consumers Queensland and consumer representative of Choosing Wisely Australia. She will be talking on Choosing Wisely and engaging with consumers.
- Prof David Tipene-Leach, professor of Māori and indigenous research at EIT and chair of Te ORA talking on understanding unconscious bias.
- Anna Adcock, researcher, will be talking on the research she has been conducting on shared decision making for Māori.

Two pre-Form workshop sessions on 30 April 2020 (to be held subject to interest).
You will be able to register for two pre-Forum workshop sessions to be held on the afternoon of the 30 April 2020, 4-6pm on:

  1. Choosing Wisely 101 - after each Choosing Wisely forum we have been asked to provide an opportunity for those who are not fully involved in Choosing Wisely to find out more about the campaign, how it is operating and how they can be involved. Therefore we will have a pre-conference session from 4-6pm at the Harbourside Function centre for those who want to know the basics about Choosing Wisely.
  2. Choosing Wisely and medical education - Choosing Wisely is interested in reinvigorating our Choosing Wisely student and trainee group. This pre Forum session will brain storm and plan how we can forward work with students, trainees and medical educators in New Zealand. Some assistance would be provided to allow students to attend - contact

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