Lifestyle Medicine 2020 Virtual Conference Friday, 4 December 2020

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Lifestyle Medicine 2020 has been designed to prioritise practical learning and real-world skills with new experiential workshops, provide more time to build and maintain impactful relationships, and allow more space to practice self-care throughout the weekend.

The conference will draw on the expertise of leading clinicians, researchers and policy-makers, including special guest speaker Dr Michael Mosley (UK), to explore the latest translational research and clinical application of Lifestyle Medicine; placing particular emphasis on the areas of:

  • Cognition - Neuroscience, healthy ageing and dementia
  • Inflammation - Immunology, allergy and autoimmune conditions
  • Cardiometabolic - Obesity, CVD and metabolic conditions

In a world-class interactive and collaborative virtual setting, gain practical knowledge, tools and procedures in health behaviour change coaching, dietary approaches to chronic disease prevention and management, exercise science, physical activity, social prescribing, Indigenous health, Lifestyle Medicine in community and clinical settings, and much more. Expand your network and enhance your experience through participation in interdisciplinary collaboration sessions, virtual campfires on specific Lifestyle Medicine and topics, dedicated self-care and a fully immersive Lifestyle Medicine wellbeing hub.

For more information and to register, see here.