Government urged to act on child health recommendations Tuesday, 29 April 2014

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29 April 2014


Government urged to act on child health recommendations

The New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine is urging the government to act on all the Health Select Committee's recommendations to improve health outcomes and prevent child abuse for children under three years old.

College president, Dr Julia Peters, said "acting on the 123 recommendations in this report will, in our professional opinion, go a long way towards fulfilling the Committee's goal that all children should have a chance to achieve their full potential."

"We hope the government will accept and act on all these recommendations.  There are tremendous human, social and financial benefits to be gained for the whole country if it does."

The government has accepted 55 of the Committee's recommendations.  A further 54 were accepted in part and 14 were just 'noted'.

The Committee's report received cross-party consensus.  It mirrors a policy that was prepared at the same time by the College of Public Health Medicine.


 For further information contact Dr Julia Peters: 022 054 2315