NZ joins global response to antimicrobial resistance Monday, 29 May 2017

Soucre: Beehive, 29 May 2017

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman and Food Safety Minister David Bennett welcome the announcement of New Zealand's action plan for tackling the growing issue of antimicrobial resistance.

"Antimicrobial resistance is a global issue that requires a global response. New Zealand has joined other countries in announcing its action plan at the World Health Assembly in Geneva," says Dr Coleman.

"Like other countries, New Zealand has seen a rise in antibiotic resistant infections so it's important that we have this action plan.

"The action plan builds on the successful work already underway in New Zealand and sets out activities to be undertaken over a five year period to minimise the impacts of antimicrobial resistance."

The plan is the work of government agencies, and a diverse group of experts, including scientists, veterinarians, infectious disease experts, microbiologists, prescribers and infection prevention and control specialists. 

The plan has five main objectives include developing national programmes and standards for both human and animal health sectors.

"The Ministry for Primary Industries and Ministry of Health will now develop an implementation plan with major partners to achieve these objectives, setting out the further details of the activities," says Mr Bennett.

"Implementing these activities will involve a variety of partners from across the human health, animal health and agricultural sectors including both food and non-food.

"MPI and the Ministry of Health will regularly monitor and evaluate the implementation and progress reports will be provided at the end of the first, third and fifth year of the action plan time frame."

The plan outlines a series of priority actions and activities to support the objectives. It will be published online soon pending formal process after the World Health Assembly.

Dr Coleman recently attended the World Health Assembly in Geneva, along with other Ministers and delegations from around the world.