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The New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine (NZCPHM) was established as an incorporated society in 2008 to represent the medical specialty of public health medicine in New Zealand.

We are responsible for the provision of specialist public health training for doctors who have completed their medical degree and for the ongoing professional development of our Fellows.

Public health medicine is the branch of medicine concerned with the assessment of population health and healthcare needs, the development of policy and strategy, health promotion, the control and prevention of disease and the organisation of health services.

We promote early upstream action on potential sources of harm to the health of New Zealand's population, and the building of strong and stable foundations to ensure better and more equitable health for all.


Guardians of the nation’s health & well-being

Find out more about the College and it's history

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Our prescription for Health and Equity for all

Read our Prescription for Health and Equity for all

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Advancing public health medicine: education & professional development

Find out more about our training and continuing professional development programme.

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Improving Maori Health

Improving Māori health


The NZCPHM recognises that compelling health inequities exist in New Zealand between Māori and non-Māori New Zealanders. These inequities are large, pervasive, and persist across the lifespan and over time.  This is described in our Māori Health Policy, and our Health Equity Policy.

We are committed to a vision of a just and fair society where Māori and non-Māori have equitable health outcomes.

Our vision is embedded in our He Rautaki Māori - Maori Strategy and Action Plan, 2021 - 2025.



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