NZCPHM Membership


College membership offers the opportunity to be part of a professional organisation that reflects the values that are important to public health medicine.

The College provides a world class training programme which allows people of like minds to be brought into the 'whānau': the beginning of a journey that will last a lifetime. It provides an environment where colleagues contribute to each other's development, encourages the exploration of ideas, provides opportunities for continuing professional development and honours those who continue to contribute but who no longer have active careers in public health.

As a member of the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine you benefit from:

  • the opportunity to contribute to College policy, submissions and discussion around Public Health issues
  • the opportunity to attend the College Annual Scientific Meeting at which health sector leaders and inspirational speakers discuss topical issues with College members
  • the opportunity to network with like-minded public health experts and colleagues
  • continuing professional development opportunities relating to public health
  • the use of post-nominal letters FNZCPHM (Fellow) or AMNZCPHM (Associate Member)
  • eligibility to participate and vote at the AGM
  • involvement in registrar education

What does the College expect from me?

As a member of the College, we expect you to have:

  • a desire to honour te Tiriti o Waitangi in your work
  • a commitment to the prevention of ill health and reduction of inequalities on a population level
  • a willingness to support colleagues starting on the journey
  • a desire to share work that will help inform the work of colleagues and others in public health
  • a desire to make a personal contribution to the College through supervising, mentoring or sharing


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