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Specialise in Public Health Medicine

As a public health medicine specialist, you will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the health of your community, whānau and iwi, including on health equity.


The NZCPHM administers the premier training programme for Public Health Medicine Specialists in Aotearoa New Zealand. The training programme is well respected and our graduates are in demand in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally.

The training programme provides opportunities for Registrars to develop their expertise in the practice of public health medicine. It offers teaching, guidance and development of core skills and professional attributes to prepare Registrars for the variety of roles and challenges encountered in the workplace.

The Training Programme is accredited by the Medical Council of New Zealand and is delivered with funding from Health Workforce, a business unit of the Ministry of Health.

Training Programme Benefits

  • Public Health Medicine study broadens your perspective on health, understandings of, and ability to influence, Māori Health.
  • The training programme provides the opportunity to develop your critical thinking and broaden the scope of your thinking, including through both practical and research components.
  • The training programme has a focus on the achievement of Hauora Māori, health equity and cultural safety in the Aotearoa New Zealand context, and you will be provided with opportunities to develop your competence in these areas.

Content and Length of Training

The Training Programme comprises two stages:

  • Basic Training which includes the completion of a Master Public Health degree to the standard required by the College, as well as participation in other training activities. Basic Training comprises the first 16 months (full-time equivalent) of training.
  • Advanced Training, which is experiential learning undertaken by employment at approved training sites as well as participation in other relevant training activities outside the work site. Advanced Training is for 29 months (full-time equivalent).

Registrars with previous experience or training in Public Health Medicine may apply to the College for a reduction in training time.


Having successfully completed the Training Programme, Registrars are eligible to apply for Fellowship of the College and to apply to the Medical Council of New Zealand for vocational registration in the scope of Public Health Medicine.

Tautoko for Māori and Pacific Registrars

Tautoko is provided to Māori and Pacific Registrars, including the opportunity to participate in culturally relevant mentoring, which creates an environment for shared learning, and allows you to develop networks early in your career. Individuals of Māori and Pacific descent can also apply for additional support grants from the John McLeod Fund, which is intended to assist in increasing the number of qualified Māori and Pacific public health medicine specialists in Aotearoa New Zealand. 


Link Resources to aid the development of Māori and Pacific public health competencies
Link Information for Potential PHM Registrars
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Skills, knowledge and opportunities available to graduates

Training Curriculum
The Curriculum provides a framework within which registrars, supervisors and external professional bodies can understand the knowledge, skills and professional attributes required of a Public Health Medicine Specialist


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