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'Advanced Training Sites' are organisations or departments which provide work-based training for Public Health Medicine Registrars. These include, but are not limited to, Public Health Units of District Health Boards, Planning and Funding Units in District Health Boards, Primary Health Organisations, the Ministry of Health and non-government organisations.

The College requires all Advanced Training Sites employing a Public Health Medicine Registrar to be accredited. This is consistent with the Medical Council of New Zealand's expectation that all medical colleges have a formal process in place to accredit the training sites used for the training of registrars.

Our accreditation standards and requirements are set out in our Accreditation of Advanced Training Sites policy which defines the standards and supports the provision of quality training environments in the NZCPHM Training Programme.

To apply for site accreditation please use the Application for Accreditation of a Training Site form here.


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