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Supercharging epidemiology with IT


This 3-session Mini Masterclass will provide an overview of how IT can support epidemiological and health intelligence activities from data collection to interactive data visualisations on the web. You will build your capability to better understand IT-driven data-driven outputs with your stakeholders.

The class will include some myth busters as well as give you insights needed to better navigate concepts such as cloud computing, data pipelines, ETL (extract - transform - load), APIs and hosting. The course format will be highly interactive - a mix of presentations and group discussions.

Who should attend?

Anyone with an interest in using IT tools effectively to augment epidemiology and related disciplines. The course is not intended to make you an expert in IT or digital technologies, but rather to familiarise you with key approaches. You will learn how to ask critical questions, whom to involve and how to make more informed decisions on which approaches might be most helpful to you or your team. The training will also provide guidance on how to transform manual processes into a digital format and streamline them with the help of software tools.


This is a 90-minute interactive online session, plus online support throughout the course.

The workshop will be delivered in two options to allow participation despite time zone differences. Participants are welcome to choose the option that is most convenient, independent of their geographical location.

For New Zealand, the 1-4 November sessions will be at 9am and the 8-11 November sessions will be at 9pm. Both will be on the following days, so 2, 3 and 5 November and 9, 10 and 12 November.

For more information and a synopsis for each session see here.




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